The Design of Pulitzer Amsterdam

Designing Pulitzer Amsterdam

The reinvention of twenty-five Golden Age Canal Houses

Pulitzer Amsterdam reopened in Summer 2016 following an extensive restoration: the completion of a quintessentially Dutch redesign, overseen in full by Jacu Strauss, Lore Group’s Creative Director and the Lore Group Design Team.


The Pulitzer's design is inspired by the history of the buildings and who may have occupied them over the last 400 years; from the Golden Age to mid-century. By imagining who may have once lived there at different stages in the past means that elements and features that tell a range of stories that inspire and intrigue guests and visitors could be reintroduced. The hotel has become a collection of years of history, with a blend of traditional and modern Dutch craftsmanship. There is a romantic feel about the history of the building and how it gradually grew to become the Pulitzer Amsterdam.


The overall design concept has improved the hotel as a whole yet at the same time highlights the unique beauty of each individual building. We have used the character and quirks existing in the buildings and made the journey through the hotel and through years of history part of the unique charm of the Pulitzer. Every room and every corner portray hints of the past. Original and historical features include some architectural beams in some rooms, plaster wall and ceiling details on the Keizersgracht side, a grand wooden staircase in Saxenburg, ornate carved fireplace in the Saxenburg Room.

I found inspiration for the restoration from all around the city, whether it was a masters painting in the Rijksmuseum, a detail on a canal house or a boat trip through the canals

Jacu Strauss, Lore Group Creative Director

A Grand Entrance

An impressive new entrance building, the first since the canals received UNESCO status, was designed by Jacu Strauss and welcomes you to the lobby, furnished with vintage Persian rugs, antique furniture and a collection of historic and contemporary artwork. Adjacent to the lobby, a library showcases Pulitzer Prize winning books, hinting to the history of the hotel and the original founder, Peter Pulitzer. 

Pulitzer Gardens

The Pulitzer Gardens occupy an unexpectedly large and serene hideaway nestled at the centre of the hotel. Under the lead of Creative Director, Jacu Strauss, renowned Dutch garden architects, Copijn, created a casual park-like feel within the space, a flexible area for guests and visitors to relax, work or socialise amongst seasonal plants and playful sculptures. Copijn has also landscaped gardens surrounding the Rijksmuseum. Spanning areas of the lobby and the garden is the 'Pulitzer Garden', an inviting place to enjoy a casual meal, coffee or drink.

Guest Rooms & Suites

A total of 225 guestrooms and suites balance Amsterdam’s rich past and contemporary present in an eclectic mix of finishes, designs and elements which complement each room’s individual charm. Playful touches such as a bike repair set in each room complete the experience of the Dutch capital.

Four exceptional Collector’s Suites are inspired by the narrative of elaborate characters who may have lived in the buildings throughout the years; from a compulsive art devotee to an eccentric book lover; a music composer and a grand antique collector. 

The property itself, composing of 25 historic canal houses, provided a richness and inspiration for the renovation. Every canal house has its own story, and I am extremely proud that they let me bring them to life.

Jacu Strauss, Lore Group Creative Director