Pulitzer's Bar

The glamour of long-lost times enters the modern day at Pulitzer’s Bar

This timeless hotel bar tells a contemporary tale of cocktail history through a classic menu in an effortlessly elegant atmosphere. Flee the bustle of the Amsterdam City Centre, yet overlook its signature canals, in one of the comfortable armchairs around the fireplace or talk the night away at the impressive Art Deco style bar.

Journey Into Dreamland

Inspired by the journey where hotels should be more than just places to stay, Pulitzer's Bar has launched its new cocktail menu, where your thoughts can journey into dreamland and rest renews the imagination.

Witness the extraordinary as you dive into a realm where anything is possible, a sanctuary where each sip spins an unpredictable tale. Shake up the flow of the evening and awaken your taste buds with the magical flavors before settling in for the night.